From Calling Skeleton to TB Patient, Bollywood Actresses Who Recently Get Trolled...

From Calling Skeleton to TB Patient, Bollywood Actresses Who Recently Get Trolled For Being Too Skinny!

Getting fit is all we want. But sometimes celebrities, in order to get work and stay in the limelight, go so far that instead of looking fit they turn out to be as skinny as a skeleton. Recently some actresses get trolled for their too skinny bodies.

1) Kareena Kapoor

Kareena was fiercely trolled for her look in Manish Malhotra’s creation as she was the showstopper of the show in Singapore. While one person commented, “Bebo look like a skeleton” while another commented, “visit AIIMS for better treatment of your health Kareena”. 

2) Jacqueline Fernandez

She shared some pictures of her doing the pole dance. People started body-shaming her. They called her skeleton on the pole.

3) Tanisha Mukerji

Kajol’s sister Tanisha recently underwent a photoshoot. She can be seen ultra sexy in this photoshoot. But people on the social media are trolling her for being too skinny. Some even called her TB patient.

4) Deepika Padukone

Deepika shared few pictures and videos on her Instagram. She had done a photo shoot for a magazine. But she underwent a body shaming. The commenters started judging her body. They have thrown comments on her body for being skinny and even for being dark somewhere.

Few commenters so badly wrote about her thin look. They tried to shame her for being so thin and looking sick.

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