Kangana Ranaut Enjoying Family Picnic In Manali: Watch Video

Kangana Ranaut's team has recently shared a video in which she is seen enjoying a picnic with her family in Manali. So...
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Bollywood Actresses Who Changed Religion to Live Forever With Their Love Even Then Failed

Religion is a very important aspect of one’s life. Some change their religious paths to attain spirituality and some for love. There are many Bollywood celebrities who have changed their religion to stay with the love of their life forever. But even then they failed in doing so and their reasons behind it are different. Read out the text below:

Divya Bharti

Most popular actress of the 90s who shot to fame at a tender teenage used to love filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala. To marry him at age 18, she converted to Islam but their marriage lasted for a year only as she died in the most mysterious circumstances at age 19.

Amrita Singh

Amrita Singh shocked the nation when she decided to get married to a 12 years younger actor Saif Ali Khan. Initially born in a Sikh family, Amrita Singh was raised a Sikh but she converted to Islam to marry Saif. They only survived 13 years together and got divorced. Saif Ali Khan is now married to Kareena Kapoor.

Sofia Hayat

The controversial Bollywood actress born as Muslim, who has been the part of films like Aksar 2, Diary of a Butterfly, Six X etc got converted into a Christian Nun. She then married Vlad Stănescu and just after a year divorced him accusing him of fraud and stealing.

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