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Bollywood Actresses Who Have Done More Than Two Marriages

Bollywood Actresses Who Have Done More Than Two Marriages


We have often heard the stories of film stars who got married not twice but thrice. But most of them were male stars like Sanjay Dutt, Kishore Kumar, Kabir Bedi, Kamal Haasan, Lucky Ali etc. But today we will tell you about the actresses who got married more than twice.

Neelima Azeem

She is Shahid Kapoor’s biological mother. She first got married to Pankaj Kapur in 1975 and divorced him after 9 years of marriage in 1984 just 3 years after Shahid was born. She then married TV actor Rajesh Khattar, from 1990 to 2001 and gave birth to her second son Ishaan Khattar in 1995. Neelima’s third marriage to musician Raza Ali Khan, lasted only five years from 2004-2009.

Zeba Bakhtiyar

She portrayed a memorable role in the film Henna, she is from Pakistan. You won’t believe that she did four marriages. Her first husband was Salman Waliyani, she became the mother of a daughter from him. But soon the couple got divorced. After that, she got hitched to popular singer Adnan Sami and gave birth to a son Ajaan but just in 2 years, the couple filed for the divorce. The third marriage she did was with actor Javed Jaffrey. It was a secret marriage and got ended on a sad note. After the end of these three marriages, she moved to Pakistan and there she married Sohail Khan Legari. Currently, she is in Pakistan and working in daily soaps and advertisements.

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The legendary actress has a very mysterious life. Her tale of husbands is really intriguing. According to various reports, she got married four times. The three of her marriages with Vinod Mehra, Kiran Kumar and Yash Koli were done secretly and ended shortly. Her fourth marriage was with Delhi’s businessman Mukesh Agarwal. But he shockingly committed suicide just after a year of their marriage.

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