5 Celebrities of Current Times Who Survived Cancer And Made a Successful Comeback to Life, 2 Are Battling With it in The Hospital

Sonali Bendre recently shocked everyone when she revealed she diagnosed with cancer. She has Metastatic cancer. When cancer cells break away from the primary spot where they were formed and spread to other parts through the lymph system or blood it is called Metastatic Cancer. She is under treatment in the USA.

The other celebrity who is fighting with cancer is ace actor Irrfan Khan. He is in London, under treatment. On March 15, the famous Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan left everyone in a state of shock when he revealed he is diagnosed with NeuroEndocrine Tumour.

Apart from these 2, today we will tell you about the 4 celebrities who survived cancer and made a successful comeback to life.

1) Manisha Koirala

The beautiful Bollywood actress was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012. She is a fighter and she proved it by winning over her battle with cancer. During treatment, she felt the deadly pain that she thought death is better. She shared her bald-headed photo on Instagram giving all the people some inspiration. Now, she is enjoying the success of recent release Sanju.

2) Lisa Ray

She suffered cancer of plasma cells surfaced in 2009. Although she kept a low profile during her treatment, she opened up about her struggle a year into her recovery. In fact, now, the Bollywood actor supports various campaigns that help in raising awareness about cancer.

3) Yuvraj Singh

In 2011 he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor stage-1 in his left lung and underwent chemotherapy treatment at the Cancer Research Institute in Boston, United States. In March 2012, Yuvraj was discharged from hospital after completing the third and final cycle of chemotherapy and returned to India in April. He then continued to play cricket.

4) Anurag Basu

He was diagnosed with blood cancer – Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia in 2004, Anurag battled his way out of the disease.

5) Mumtaz

The veteran Bollywood actor was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was  54. She battled with her disease for over a decade. Now she is absolutely fine.

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