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6 Bollywood Celebs Who Were Not Blessed With Children After Marriage

6 Bollywood Celebs Who Were Not Blessed With Children After Marriage


Marriage is a bond that two people share for a lifetime. After marriage, we become three from two as we have kids. But call it a luck or whatever but not every couple in the world have kids. There exist some Bollywood celebs who did not have kids after marriage.

1) Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar

It’s Javed Akhtar’s second marriage to Shabana Azmi. It’s been 33 years now, the couple is married. Although the couple has no children of their own. However, Javed Akhtar has two kids from his first marriage – Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar.

2) Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu

The legendary celebrity couple of Bollywood, Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu, are the perfect example of a long-lasting relationship with their marriage going strong since 1966. And to your surprise, Saira Banu is 22 years younger than Dilip Kumar. Saira has never expressed her regret of not having a child as she feels that taking care of her husband is like nurturing 10 kids.

3) Anupam Kher and Kirron Kher

Kirron Kher is known as one of the favorite on-screen mothers of Bollywood. Her first marriage was with Gautam Berry with whom she has a son named Sikander. She then after her divorce met Anupam Kher and the duo got married in 1985 and have stayed married ever since. The couple doesn’t have any child of their own.

4) Meena Kumari and Kamal Amrohi

The veteran actress married director Kamal Amrohi who was fifteen years elder than her. It is believed that Kamal who already had a child from his first marriage did not want a child with Meena Kumari. The sharp contrast in their ideologies led to their divorce.

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5) Madhubala and Kishore Kumar

Madhubala married Kishore Kumar but later happen to suffer from a heart ailment due to which she was advised against starting a family of her own. She eventually breathed her last in 1969.

6) Mohd. Azharuddin and Sangeeta Bijlani

The already married Mohd. Azharuddin divorced his wife to marry Bollywood actress Sangeeta Bijlani in 1996. The marriage also started his downfall as a cricketer which led to match-fixing and betting allegations. The couple remained childless and never had their own kids.

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