Bollywood Celebs Who’s Twitter Account Continued Even After Death

The year 2020 turned out to be most unfortunate for the entertainment industry. As we lost brilliant actors within a couple of months, which was quite heart wrenching for the entire film industry. These names include Rishi Kapoor, Irfaan Khan Mohit Baghel, and Wajid Khan. But even after their death they still continue to live in the memories of their fans and family. And today we have shared the last post done by these famous celebs on their twitter account just before their death.

Bollywood and TV industry have lost many of their talented people in a couple of months. Now their memories are left in the minds of fans and family, but there is another place where some sweet and bitter memories of them have been kept safe and are still active even today. And that’s their Twitter account. So Let’s know what the last tweets of these celebrities were.

Celebs and their last tweets

Rishi Kapoor – Veteran actor and super active Rishi Kapoor died on April 30 this year. The last tweet from Rishi’s account appealed not to commit violence against doctors, nurses, medical staff and policemen doing their duty in the corona virus pandemic.

Wajid Khan- Music director Wajid Khan died on the night of 31 May. The last tweet from his verified account was done on 4 May. Wajid requested Tiger Shroff to give a birthday message for the son of a friend. Tiger’s reply was thanked by Wajid. 

Irrfan Khan- Irrfan forever shut his eyes a day before Rishi Kapoor’s death. The last tweet from his Twitter account was about his last film, English Medium. However, on May 1, there was also a tweet from his family, with a note by wife Sutpa Sikdar. 

Mohit Baghel – Mohit Baghel, who appeared in film Ready with Salman Khan, left the world at the age of 26. The young actor was suffering from cancer and died on 25 May. Ironically, the last tweet that Mohit did was to pay tribute to Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan, who themselves fought the battle against cancer. 

Sridevi – This is a verified account of Sridevi, with her picture attached to it. The Twitter handle named Sridevi B Kapoor, while the name of the account is Sridevi Boney Kapoor. This account was written as – thank you all for remembering her even today with so much love and affection.

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