4 Times Recently When Bollywood Films Steal The Look of Famous Hollywood Characters

When will the Bollywood films stop copying the Hollywood? We have the potential to do better than them. Our stars are no less when it comes to the talent and ace acting skills. With the abundance of such a fine art in our country why our filmmakers copy Hollywood films and their characters. Well, when they do so they also suffer a backlash from the netizens. Here are 4 times recently when the Bollywood actors in their films stole or copied the look of Hollywood’s famous characters.

Aamir Khan – Captain Jack Sparrow

The moment Aamir Khan’s look in his latest movie, Yash Raj Films’ Thugs of Hindostan, was revealed, he is getting trolled. His look was similar to as that of famous character of Pirates of The Carribean series – Captain Jack Sparrow.

Akshay Kumar – The Night King

In the upcoming film of Akshay Kumar and South’s superstar Rajinikanth 2.0, Akshay Kumar seems to copy the look from Game of Thrones‘ The Night King who rules the army of the dead, White Walkers.

Ranveer Singh – Khal Drogo

Ranveer Singh as Alauddin Khilji in Padmaavat trolled for copying the look of Game of Thrones‘ Khal Drogo.

Tiger Shroff – Rambo

Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff has been finalized for Indian remake of Hollywood actioner “Rambo”, which starred action icon, Sylvester Stallone. Hence, for that, he has to copy the look.