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Infotainment Bollywood Has a Great Impact on the Public of Pakistan as Compared...

Bollywood Has a Great Impact on the Public of Pakistan as Compared to Hollywood and Lollywood

Pakistan, the word most of the Indians hate because of the intense situation at our borders. But do you know that after India, the country who majorly appreciates and enjoys Indian cinema is Pakistan. Yes, it is true and it may be because of many similar reasons. First, we understand the language of each other, second, there is a similarity in traditions, culture and rituals.


Let’s explore the reasons in detail…

Famous film stars whose ancestral background is from Pakistan

It is said one can never forget its roots and it is true. An Indian will be an Indian no matter wherever he lives. Whenever we heard on TV or the Internet that this Indian origin person is doing very good in some other nation in his respective field, our chest goes wide! We feel really proud, aren’t we? For example, Dev Patel is an Indian origin British actor who worked in the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire. The famous The Big Bang Theory character Raj Koothrappali portrayed by another British Indian actor Kunal Nayyar makes us feel proud every time we watch the serial. Similarly, our famous superstars Shah Rukh Khan, The Showman Raj Kapoor’s Clan, Veteran actress Nargis, Hrithik Roshan, Dilip Kumar, Living legend Amitabh Bachchan and many other stars has roots from Pakistan.

Partition divided the piece of land only but not the people

Unlike any other film industry in the world, Bollywood films include songs and dance for almost every festival, situation and moment. We the people of India like to describe our mood whether it’s happy, sad, enthusiastic or else through the medium of music, aren’t we? yes of course! Bollywood films not only entertain people with its stories but also give chance to people to tap their feet on the floor with groovy songs. Pakistani people are no different from us! Apart from songs, the Indian dressing style use to showcase in Bollywood films like Kurta pajama, Punjabi Jutti (footwear), Phulkari(embroidery), Turban(worn by farmers), salwar kameez etc is also same.

Bollywood films never showcase religious discrimination

Even with a high percentage (80%) of Hindus in the total population of India, our Bollywood films never ever shows a religious discrimination about any religion in the world. As being called the world’s largest democratic country, India comprises of world’s every religion. This is the reason why it is most appreciable film industry not in Pakistan but in many parts of the world.


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