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Bollywood Hotties And Their Rides Will Make Your Eyes Pop

We all know how Bollywood hotties and Fashion Divas could be obssessed with their wardrobes and style statements but this one’s definitely a first where these Bollywood Hotties and Their Rides will make your eyes pop! Looks like these girls have others obsessions too besides clothes.. Why should boys have all the fun? 😉

Priyanka Chopra


The classy sexy Diva that she is, she is bound to drive something that speaks of style, comfort and luxury and simply the best! Piggy chops here drives the everlasting beauty Rolls Royce. She also owns a BMW 7 series white edition, a Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes Benz!

Katrina Kaif


Kat here owns a an Audi Q7 and an Audi Q3. Audi-aciously rich!

Alia bhatt


The 22 year old young actress speaks of style and that shes here for big time! She owns an Audi Q5! Impressive!

Shraddha Kapoor


The cute chirpy actress owns a Shiny Black Mercedes ML which she got after her huge debut success in Ashiqui2.

Kangana Ranaut


Being the recent highest paid actress in Bollywood Kanagana obviously wouldn’t do anything less than a classy BMW 7 series ultra!

Parineeti Chopra


The young actress owns a Jaguar at the age of 26! WOW!

Sunny Leone


This hottie got a Mesarati as a gift from her adorable hubby!

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