The Interview Conducted by CNN-IBN’s Bhupendra Chaubey was everything that comprises bad journalism. Sunny, who was on the show promoting her new movie “Mastizade” encountered questions which were sexist, misogynist and just pathetic. It seems like to Chaubey, the only thing one can talk about with Sunny revolves around Porn.

But you really got to hand it to Sunny, who very gracefully answered each question with tact.

“Are you proud of your past?”

“Do you think Aamir Khan will work with you?”

“I wonder if I’m being morally corrupt by interviewing you”

“In typical Bollywood terms, you’re an item girl”

How many people would aspire to be a porn star?”

Were some of the questions. Did you notice in the interview everytime Sunny is making a point not related to Porn the journalist cuts her off with another question.

Bollywood on the other hand reacted to this incident very strongly

Not cool CNN IBN!

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