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Trending Bollywood Singer From Pakistan Atif Aslam Condemns Scrapping of Article 370, Indians...

Bollywood Singer From Pakistan Atif Aslam Condemns Scrapping of Article 370, Indians Hit Back!

BJP government recently revoke section 370 from Jammu & Kashmir which grants special provisions to the state. BJP government bifurcate the state of J&K into two Union territories. One is J&K with the legislature and the other is Ladakh without legislature. Where Indians welcomed this decision, Pakistanis got raged with anger. It is because, their plan of provoking Muslim majority state Jammu & Kashmir against India went flop.

Various Pakistani celebrities condemned the scrapping of Article 370 from Kashmir. One of them is Pakistani singer Atif Aslam, he condemned the government action and return got trolled massively by the Indians.

Atif took to Twitter and condemns the government’s decision, he tweeted,

As soon as he posted this tweet, people started trolling him on social media. Here’s how people reacted:

A historic decision was made in the Rajya Sabha of India when the BJP government led by Narendra Modi declared the revocation of Article 370 and 35A. These articles provide special privileges to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.  The news has not only caused ripples in parliament but also in entertainment world from where it has been receiving some strong comments and opinions.

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