Bollywood Star Who Fell in Love With The Daughter of His ‘Milker’ When He Was Just 16

There are many interesting things about late Actor Irrfan Khan life that most of the people don’t know. For example, Irrfan Khan was only 16 years old when he fell in love with his Doodhwala’s daughter. It was his first love. However, his first love didn’t last forever. Due to his own cousin, he had to break up with that girl. Irrfan Khan himself told about his unique love story once during an interview.

Irrfan said that he went to buy the milk at diary so that he can see the face of the girl he fell for. That girl also gave smiles to Irrfan Khan. One day she called him to her room. Irrfan Khan thought that something cozy is about to happen. But she gave a notebook to him which included a letter. The girl asked him to pass the letter to a boy who was Irrfan’s cousin.

Irrfan never knew that it was a love letter. He did the same as asked to him by the girl. Irrfan said in the interview that he used to play hide and seek with the girl and those moments were not less than the heaven. But one day his cousin visited him and told him that, that girl is dating him too. 

Irrfan felt heart-broken and he broke up with the girl. He said that it was so disheartening. It took him one to two months to forget his first love of life.