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A Reality Show’s Manager Made Shocking Revelations About Bollywood Stars’ Real Behaviour Off-camera

People say everything is not that we see or hear with eyes and ear respectively. Sometimes the truth is way far from reality. Whenever we see our favourite stars on-screen during the TV reality shows or interviews, we feel like how good they are the way they interact with the live audience. But like us, no one is perfect not even stars. They do possess bad qualities, they misbehave with people and make fun of them.

Proving it true, a backstage manager of a reality show made revelations about the real behaviour of these stars. Earlier, an airport staffer made some striking revelations about the reality behind ‘reel’ celebrities. Here are some confessions he shared on Reddit:

And now, here are some confessions made by a backstage manager of a reality show. This anonymous user decided to have a Ask Me Anything’ session with the Reddit public and he got lots of questions from the fans, here is how he answered. Read it out below:

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