Famous Bollywood Stars Who Look Like Hollywood’s Cartoon Characters

Actors, whether on the big screen or on the small screen, tries everything to make justice with the role he/she is playing. So that the audience can relate to it. It is quite interesting to know that some of our Bollywood stars look exactly like some Hollywood cartoon characters. So in future, if they get such role they will totally define it. Read ou to know who are those stars:

Kiku Sharda – Princess Fiona

Famous as Palak and Santosh on the Kapil Sharma’s show, Kiku looks like Princess Fiona of Hollywood’s animation film Shrek.

Feroz Khan – Gru

The late actor looks like Gru of film Despicable Me.

Katrina Kaif – Snow White

Ranveer Singh – Flynn Rider

One of the main characters of film ‘Tangled’, Fynn Rider looks like Bollywood’s heartthrob Ranveer Singh.

Salman Khan – He-Man

The character played by Salman Khan in the film Suryavanshi exactly looks like He-Man.

Kangana Ranaut – Princess Merida

They look similar.

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