Entertainment Bollywood Famous Bollywood Stars Who Lost Their Career For Alcohol And Drug 

Famous Bollywood Stars Who Lost Their Career For Alcohol And Drug 

Addiction is an insidious disease that can creep up on you or very possibly already be hurting someone you know or love, maybe even without you having a clue. It can make or break a person. There are various cases from our typical life that we experience however what happens when the Bollywood stars get caught in the web of medications and alcohol.

The drug tales of the Bollywood is one harsh truth which reveals the dark side of the Indian film industry. While some of the celebrities have discussed their habits of substance abuse in the past, there are others who were caught red-handed using them.

Let us observe on the 7 stars from Indian film industry who lost their career because of alcohol and drug addiction. Until a few years ago, drug abuse was a far-fetched topic for Indian film industry to cover. As the media around the country started exposing the drugged episodes of Bollywood celebrities, their Public Relations did all they could to protect the image of said stars from being linked with drug abuse. But people got their names. Watch this video to know their faces too!

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