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8 Bollywood Stars Who Took Auto Rickshaw to Reach Home And Proved They Still Have The Genes of a Common Man

1) Disha Patani

Tiger Shroff and his alleged girlfriend Disha Patani were on a dinner date in a restaurant. Then suddenly the actor saw the paparazzi outside the restaurant, he made sure that he and Disha don’t get clicked together. After a few minutes, Tiger left in his car and Disha took a rickshaw home.

2) Sonam Kapoor

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In 2016, Sonam had posted a Snapchat video of her taking an auto-rickshaw to her home in Mumbai. She paid around 20 bucks as she herself told that in the video!

3) Jacqueline Fernandez

As same as Sonam, her BFF Jacqueline Fernandez too took the Rickshaw ride to her home and posted it as her Snapchat story.

4) Varun Dhawan

It was during the promotion of one of his films when the star was seen zooming in an auto rickshaw taking our breath away.

5) Hrithik Roshan

The actor was seen taking a ride in an auto-rickshaw with his two little bundles of joy.

6) Salman Khan

Salman Khan is one such celebrity who took rickshaw various times.

7) John Abraham

The actor knows an auto rickshaw from his neighborhood who he’s really tight with and decided on taking his ride for a ride!

8) Vidya Balan

During the promotion of her film, the actress took the rickshaw ride and shared the picture with a caption,

“Travelling in a rickshaw after years..yoohoo!!Guess why?? !! Because it’s a TE3N wheeler…Hahaha!!”

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