In a piece of very sad news coming from Bollywood, one more star has left for heavenly abode. Yes, you read it right! One of the famous villains of Bollywood Mahesh Anand was found dead at his residence at Versova, Mumbai. Born on August 31, 1961, he was just 57 years old. Mahesh was known for playing negative roles in a number of Bollywood movies like Rangeela Raja, Hero No. 1, Toofan, Swarg, Vishawatma, Majboor, Krantiveer etc.

Mahesh Anand also seemed like those some of the unlucky stars of the Bollywood who spent a miserable life and had a tragic death. According to reports, Mahesh was jobless and was living alone for many years. The actor is suspected to have died at least two days ago, and the decomposed body has been sent for autopsy to the Cooper Hospital to ascertain the time and cause of death. The initial investigations by the police and circumstantial evidence also suggest that the actor died in a very tragic and lonely way.

He was living a life of anonymity for years and was all alone. He was married to TV and film actress Usha Bachani for 2 years. Usha revealed that she was his fourth wife. He was living alone at Kinara apartments, Versova. It was his maid who informed the police when she didn’t get any response after continuously ringing his doorbell.

A police official said, “His body had started decomposing. Anand was found wearing a tracksuit and plates were found next to his body. It suggested that he had just finished eating his food. A bottle of liquor was also found next to him. The cops checked his WhatsApp last seen time stamp, which said Thursday, suggesting he may have passed away the following day or same day.

The cause of his death is still a mystery. May his soul rest in peace!

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