Breathing On Masks Can Effect The Lung Immunity But Here’s A Solution

Wearing a mask is the need of an hour. But breathing continuously wearing a mask has a bad effect on our lungs...

Famous Bollywood Celebrity is in Pain After The Untimely Death of His Two Wives, Cries His Heart Out!

Boney Kapoor’s daughter Janhvi Kapoor’s film Dhadak is doing well at the box office. Her family, especially father Boney Kapoor is happy after seeing her on the silver screen. During an interview, he spoke about the pain he felt after losing his second wife Sridevi. Boney told that the thought that his daughter’s movie is releasing on Friday never bothered him. He talked about his children and two wives.

About Janhvi he said,

“She is a very good daughter. People who know her, tell me that I’m lucky to have her. All of my children are good and they talk good. Everyone says that we brought up them good. I want to tell my children that make things easy always. In our profession there is a lot of negativity. Different people have different agendas. Do your work with honesty and hard work. Then everyone will start talking good about you ultimately.”

On the deaths of his wives he said,

“I remember the day when I got shattered due to the untimely deaths of my two of the wives. But I somehow managed myself to back to the normal because the responisbility of my children was on my shoulders. Today I’m able to do anything. I never scare of anything. I’m ready for every challenge, leaving bad memories aside.”

He also talked about his four children,

“Everyone of them loves each other. Arjun came with me to Dubai whereas Anshula was with her sisters Janhvi and Khushi in Mumbai when Sri died. They supported each other in tough times. Now this is the time when my children need me the most and I’m with them every time.”

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