Trending Not Janhvi or Arjun Kapoor But This is Boney Kapoor's Favorite Child

Not Janhvi or Arjun Kapoor But This is Boney Kapoor’s Favorite Child

Social media has put the fans closer to their favorite Bollywood stars. They can talk to them, comment on their pictures etc directly all thanks to the power of the internet. The ‘Ask Me Anything’ feature on Instagram has had several celebrities open up about interesting facets related to their lives and careers.

In a recent episode, Anshula Kapoor, the daughter of Boney Kapoor used the feature. This made fans ask her various questions. Out of many questions she got, one was,

‘Out of four of you siblings, who is Boney ji’s most favourite?’

To let you know Boney Kapoor is a father of 4 children. Anshula and Arjun Kapoor from his first wife Mona Kapoor and Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor from second wife Sridevi. Both of his wives are no more!
Anshula replied to the above question that Boney loves his youngest daughter Khushi the most, Anshula wrote,

“Khushi hhahahahhaha….the secret is out!….No but honestly he loves all of us the same.”

When another user asked her what she likes the most about her siblings, the 25-year-old wrote,

“Their heart, their strength, their ability to look at the bright side even on the not so good days… That they can make me laugh at the stupidest things and without reason hahaha… But mostly I love that I get to call them MINE.”

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