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You Will Get Surprised to See The Real Photos of Deadly Ghost The Nun

The horror film even after getting criticized, doing well at the box office. It collected more than Rs 900 crore in one week worldwide. The Nun broke the Conjuring series’ opening weekend record in India with a stellar Rs 28 crore. The main character of the film was the ghost, The Nun which gave goosebumps to the audience. Ever wondered how the horrific ghost The Nun look like in real life?

It was played by the actress Bonnie Aarons. She has done some of the films like Dear God, Shallow Hal, I Know Who Killed Me etc and is somewhat of a veteran character actor in Hollywood.“ About her character in The Nun, she said,

“I’m so grateful to them you know for allowing me to play this character. I love it. It’s so much fun. It’s fantastic.”

Her makeup as the evil nun Valak in the Conjuring series was so scary.  Aarons is currently enjoying the success of her film. The Nun, the fifth film in the Conjuring universe scored the biggest international opening of the series but also gets worst reviews.

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