Booze It Up: Here’s What You Can Do With Liquor Bottles


Every person these days booze a little, however, there are some who are addicted to it. So if this applies to you who drinks every day and realize having loads of bottles all piled up in one corner. This one is for you.

If you are someone who is drinking every single day And trying to figure out what exactly you can do with these empty bottles, then let us tell you that these bottles can be a game-changer for your home. Especially if you are creative. So here are some ideas for you to take from these images that can turn your home into something that can be quite appealing.

Here Are The Ideas Below:

Use these bottles for decorating your lawn or balcony by putting in some floral and fancy green plants. It will not just give a look to that area but will also help to add some greenery to your home.

All those who have a beautiful mini garden on the terrace. They can use these bottles to add beauty. Hanging glass bottles in a row like these lives an antique look to the space.

If you are a party animal and want to decorate the outer area of your house. Use these bottles to light up the outer area. Put some bright and colored lights in the bottle and place them one after the other. In a row.

This one can be a cool idea if you want a mini fountain in the home. Although we might have seen them in a hotel, but this time you can try for your beautiful abode.

Guys if you have a limited space at your home, and you mix up your accessories, hats and caps in the cupboard then use these bottles as a hook to hand them up.

Another great idea to use these bottles is to use them as a soap dispenser and a lamp. For making a lamp cover it with the lampshade. Whereas to use them as a soap. Replace the cap of the bottle with a pump and put your favorite liquid soap inside.

These bottles can be used as a home decor, or you can simply decorate them in the way you want and can gift it to someone.

Dry trees in the garden, take away the beauty. So if you have such a type of tress don’t worry. Just place the empty wine bottles like the one in the image. This will not add beauty but will also give them an antique look.

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