Drought Forced This Boy To Parade Naked To Please The Rain God

Considering the condition of farmers who’s profession can’t run without proper rainfall, recently, in a remote village of Karnataka, the harsh condition of the drought forced a young boy to parade naked in the village.

Source: Times Of India Youtube Channel

It is really displeasing to see such harsh customs still prevailing in India. This above-stated incident occurred in Chitradurga district of Pandarahali on last Friday and also got recorded which is now getting shared by various news channels. The video has gone viral all over the internet and is already irritating the minds of all.

The video includes the boy performing this superstitious ritual naked, wearing just a garland of flowers and a heavy plate with the idol on the head. The villagers are seen to pour water on the boy and performing the pooja.

According to information, as this custom regularly prevails in the village, the boy was obviously provided some clothes after the ritual. He was only chosen to go through such stereotypical situation because the villagers believe that only a minor should be chosen for this cause.

Regarded officials and authorities are informed about this incident and proper investigation will be done in cause of any serious violation.

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