Boy sells his Pokémon cards to finance his studies and accidentally makes $80,000


It’s the incredible story of an American student, Caleb King, who managed to raise a nice jackpot to finance his studies.

The games of our childhood can sometimes be a big, lucrative business, and a student at the University of North Georgia took advantage of it.

Indeed, Caleb King, American student in medicine, managed to collect no less than 80,000 dollars ( 65,000 euros ) thanks to his collection of Pokémon cards as reported by Fox 5 Atlanta . A pretty crazy amount when we know that in 2016, his cards had only cost him a few thousand dollars ( around 4,000 euros ) .

With this nice jackpot in his pocket, Caleb was able to finance his medical studies and secure his future and he will be able to continue to grow his cards and carry out other projects since he still has 50,000 dollars in his possession ( 40,000 euros ) of Pokémon cards . Among them, a first edition of Pikachu which is estimated alone at 20,000 dollars ( 16,000 euros ) .

What’s quite funny about the story is that Caleb’s relatives tried to talk him out of it. About selling his cards, he said: “Many people tried to discourage me to do at first, especially my parents. They said: ‘You should not spend your money on these cards, this is ridiculous’ . I n did not listen and it paid off ” .