Brad Pitt Can’t Recognize Faces Because of Disorder

American actor Brad Pitt is not to everyone’s taste because of a nasty condition. He tells this in an interview with the American entertainment website GQ. The actor, known for Fury and Fight Club, among other things, makes faces, which many people think he is arrogant.

Brad Pitt

Oscar-winning actor Brad Pitt has several major films to his name and is, therefore, an established name within the film world. The actor only has to appear at a gala or award party and most of the audience will undoubtedly recognize him immediately. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work quite the other way: the actor suffers from a disorder that prevents him from remembering faces. He says this in an interview with the American entertainment website GQ. Although that may not seem so terrible at first glance, the actor is really bothered by it. “A lot of people hate me because they think I have no respect,” he says.


The disorder from which the 58-year-old actor suffers is called prosopagnosia. Individuals who suffer from this condition have trouble recognizing faces, sometimes even their own faces in the mirror. The cause is usually brain injury or a neurological disorder, but there have been cases where prosopagnosia is congenital. More than one in fifty people suffer from the disorder to some degree.

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Pitt says that in his communication with people he has sometimes explained that he is struggling with a condition and that one should not take it personally, but at the time he could count on little understanding. “Sometimes I just honestly ask people where we’ve met, but it often only gets worse,” he concludes.