Brahmastra: Director Ayan Mukerji talks about how Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt are related to Astraverse

The director of Brahmastra Part One: Shiva has talked about the movie’s basic plot and explained the world of Astras with a prelude. Producer Karan Johar has posted a reel in which Ayan is explaining the history of Astras, the different Astras, and the significance of Brahmastra.

In the video, Ayan said that their film travels across a century, and it spins around a group of protectors, who vouch to protect Astras. Mukerji further uncovered the different, powerful Astras like Agniastra, Pavanastra, Nandiastra, Jalastra, Vanarastra, and above all, the most powerful force Brahmastra.

Ayan said that their film seamlessly delves into modern-day story-telling with the character of Shiva (Ranbir Kapoor), who himself is Agniastra. In the video, he said that the fusion of Indian mythology with present-day storytelling is extraordinary, and entertaining at the same time. 

The trailer of the most anticipated movie in Indian cinema, Brahmastra featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in the leading roles was at last released on Wednesday, June 15. Presently, the movie’s director Ayan Mukerji has offered his gratitude to everybody for showering ‘love, encouragement, and excitement’ on the trailer. 

Taking to his Instagram account on Thursday, June 16, Ayan penned, “Hello everyone, Yesterday was a very very big moment in the Brahmastra journey with the launch of our Trailer. A deeply heartfelt THANK You for the love, encouragement, and excitement that the Trailer is receiving. It means… everything to me.”

“I feel so energised today – as we enter this last lap leading up to our film’s release! We will give all that energy and more… our absolute best – to give you guys – a new amazing cinematic experience with Brahmastra…. one that I hope you will feel proud of! September 9th – Here we come!” Brahmastra Part One: Shiva is set to release in cinemas on September 9.