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High Life You Are Damaging Your Brain If You Are Doing This

You Are Damaging Your Brain If You Are Doing This

There are some habits that some or the other way destroys our body. Similarly, there are some habits of children and adults that are creating a negative impact on our brain. Do notice these habits and change them as soon as possible.

Leaving breakfast

brain damaging habits

Now a days students as well as adults are in a habit of leaving breakfasts. This leads to low level of sugar all day. This is proven in through research that carbohydrates consumed in the morning are real food of brain. So by not having breakfast, brain gets insufficient nutrients and it leads to brain degeneration.

Over reacting at matters

over reacting damages brain

For many it might be a habit to over react at pity issues but the fact is that over reacting imposes a negative influence on your brain.


smoking damages brain

Smoking has its direct and indirect effects. Even second hand smokers gets effected by the smoke around them. Smoking damages cognitive abilities, memory, leaning skills and thinking powers.

High sugar consumption

habits that damage brain

Many people have a sweet tooth and have a habit of eating less spicy food. Too much consumption of sugar in your blood will interrupt in the absorption of proteins and nutrients in our body. They may also interfere in process of healing of tissue damage and brain development.

Air pollution

air pollution effects on brain

This is one of the biggest factors for the brain. Though we are habitual to it but our brain consumes the most oxygen in our body. Due to pollution, the supply of oxygen reduces to our brain consequently the efficiency reduces too.

Covered heads while sleeping

habits that effects brain

This may be new and interesting to you. But when you cover your heads with pillow or something, you disallow carbon dioxide to move away. As a result carbon dioxide increases and oxygen decreases.

Low water consumption

Brain effecting habits

The importance of water is known to all. 70% of our body is water. So when we reduce water intake, we basically compromise with our brain.

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