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Infotainment Brain Growing Into Nose, Makes This Boy The Real Life Pinocchio

Brain Growing Into Nose, Makes This Boy The Real Life Pinocchio

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The Carlo Collodi story of a tin boy, whose nose grows longer whenever he lies looks like have come true. Although we all know that fairytales don’t come true but it would have been great they did. The fictional character of Pinocchio can be seen coming alive in a kid named as Ollie. 

9swlhk0ds3kxkr4j0n1oOllie is suffering from a problem in which brain grows from a hole in the skull and in Ollie’s case, it is growing in his brain and making him the real life Pinocchio.

A condition like this can really make the living of an individual very difficult and lead to depression and many embarrassing situations but does it really matter for our little Ollie?

qzciamc2xdosjypu3a04No, not at all, in fact, look at our real life Pinocchio’s cute heart melting smile.

This is Ollie playing with his mother.

w545v086qazbsaoyh2coOllie has gone through many serious surgeries for his condition and made through all of them.


Ollie has recovered now from his last surgery and is fit to play with his younger sister.


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