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High Life Bole To Brain Mein Chemical Locha, You Need To Read It Then

Bole To Brain Mein Chemical Locha, You Need To Read It Then

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Brain is the most essential part of your body. Why?  Well does any of your organ lives once you have died? Think!!! Yes there is one organ that lives even after you are dead, this is “the brain”. Brain is the most essential of all. Every Bit of your life you have lived is stored inside it. That phenomenon is called as memory, but with the passage of time all these harmful radiations from that television , mobile towers, smart phones in reality are effecting even the smallest cell of your brain.  Some facts you should be aware of are as following:

Here are 8 memory tricks you can test out right away. 


1 Associate the memory with the environment:


Small cues help a lot to boost that memory, for instance when you study a book in café and later while chatting next day if you forget any scene from it just sequence up the environment of the café and the scene would strike back within seconds, try it next time


2 Clench your fist:

Research has also suggested that balling up your fist and squeezing it tightly actually makes it easy to memorize or to retrieve the information. As when you squeeze your left fist it retrieves information and on squeezing right one memorizes it easily.


3 Learn something before bed:,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/17hnlgz8vajeujpg.jpg

There are some new interfering memories in your brain so you need to learn something take a book read it squeeze it, do anything but try and remember.


4 Say the alphabet:


It is sometimes really hard to name that movie you saw last week the answer to it is just see keep on focusing on the first letter, repeat it and again and again. JINKIES! The name strikes back easily.


5 Drink more milk: are the building blocks of your life so you need to fill up that tummy of yours with at least 5 products from that diary in order to regain the mental strength.


6 Say it out loud:


Saying it loud sends it deep into your brain and with the increase in the concentration one could memorize it very easily.


7 Look at nature:

A US study found people who walked around an arboretum did 20% better on a memory test than those who walked around streets. Just looking at pictures of nature can have a beneficial effect.

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