Trending Brands Drop Letters A, B And O From Signs In Brilliant Call...

Brands Drop Letters A, B And O From Signs In Brilliant Call For Blood Donors

The letters A, B and O can improve things greatly, and another campaign is out to demonstrate it. NHS Blood and Transplant and London-based PR office Engine Group have propelled the #MissingType crusade, in which the three letters that mean blood types are vanishing from familiar landmarks and brands. The objective is to urge more individuals to give blood across the globe.

Eminent organizations, for example, Microsoft, Tesco and Google, and additionally notable world points of interest, similar to Canada’s “Toronto” sign and the Netherlands’ “I amsterdam” sign, have all dropped the letters A, B and O for the following week to spread awareness.

The campaign, which runs Aug. 16 to Aug. 21, spans 21 countries and brings together 25 blood services from across the planet. Participating countries include the United States, Australia, Singapore, Canada, South Africa and Ireland. The campaign’s global scope highlights a stumbling statistic as Blood donations across the globe have seen close to a 30% drop over the past 10 years.

The campaign also comes at a time when men who have sex with men are protesting regulations in many regions across the planet that actively prevent them from donating blood due to same-sex sexual contact. Social media users can follow the campaign with the hashtag #MissingType across all social platforms. NHS Blood and Transplant is also encouraging participation from individuals, asking supporters to drop the letters A, B and O from their names on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We would love to see your reviews in the comment section below!

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