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Entertainment Hate Comments Leading to Breakup In Arpita's Relationship

Hate Comments Leading to Breakup In Arpita’s Relationship

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It’s astonishing that people can actually post hate comments only for your look. Yes, may be today it is Arpita Khan Sharma who is getting trolled on internet just for her looks we are only tend to read it, laugh on it and in return be part of it. That ultimatelly leads to similar character of the same as that of these downfallen people.

When ever you would turn to any of the social media accounts of arpita khan sharma, every one of it mostly has a hate comment in it .

# Just a priceless photograph of a beautiful lady smiling generously for her mates, friends, family and ofcourse fans after all she is the sister of India’s leading superstar Salman Khan, For sure mental disorder is on increase these days, if we can’t even see someone laughing or smiling.


# Now the thing to realize is they were in love, they got married, they are happy who the hell is this guy or gal who’s judging on the uglyism, an uglier soul is worst than an ugly body, by the way arpita don’t worry you look gorgeous here J “ vaise bhi jab miyan biwi raazi to kya karlega tu commentbaazi ”


# They say “beware the fury of a paitent man” Here is the reply by arpita to all of here haters, thats our girl who blesses her haters. Now thats what we are even if you hate us still we love you back my child, after we Indian have been taught all our life “farreda bure ka bhala kar”.


There is already an ISIS, TALIBAN, INDIAN MUJAHUDEEN and variuos others who are spreading hatred so therefore we the team of PAGALPARROT bow in front of you folding our hands, spread happines be human.


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