Breaking News: Ganesh Acharya Accused Of Harassing 33-Year-Old Women

Ganesh Acharya

In an exclusive conversation with SpotBoyE a 33-year-old, Divya Kotian have lodged a complaint against Ganesh Acharya.

A case against the reputed choreographer Ganesh Acharya has come in the limelight. Where a 33-year-old woman has filed a complaint against him. According to her, Ganesh forced her to watch adult videos and depriving work for her in the industry. The accused named Divya Kotian has opened up about the entire incident. Furthermore, the complainant also alleges that he used to force her to watch adult videos.

As per the reports, Ganesh Acharya is the General Secretary of Indian Film & Television Choreographers Association (IFTCA), and Divya Kotian too is associated with the same. Divya is a 33-year-old women Choreographer who filed the case against him. The complaint allegedly registered at Maharashtra Women’s Commission and Amboli Police Station.

Apart from this a shocking video from January 26th is also going viral. Although restricted , The video shows Ganesh Acharya lashing out at her. The issue further rose when Acharya ordered his team member(Jayashri and Preeti Lad) to slap her in public.

Although this is not the first time he got involved in the harassment charges. Earlier, veteran choreographer Saroj Khan accused Acharya of exploiting her dancers. Acharya, however, fended off the allegations made by Khan. Along with this Tanushree had filed a complaint against Ganesh Acharya as well.

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