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High Life Breathing On Masks Can Effect The Lung Immunity But Here's A Solution

Breathing On Masks Can Effect The Lung Immunity But Here’s A Solution

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Wearing a mask is the need of an hour. But breathing continuously wearing a mask has a bad effect on our lungs and immunity. So here’s the solution.

Wearing masks has become very important to avoid the infection of Coronavirus. And to avoid the spreading of the virus we have to wear it for the safety of ourselves and others. Although wearing a mask has become is part of our routine now. But do you know how dangerous wearing masks can be to our lungs?. Talking about its negative aspects  ‘Yoga and Wellness Coach’ Anuradha Gupta says that breathing in masks can significantly affect our lungs, vitality, and immunity.

However, there is a solution to this. According to Fitness experts, the frequent mask wearers should do Pranayam or deep breathing exercises regularly to avoid such problems. This will not only improve your lungs and immunity but will also make the lung feel more energetic and healthy.

Fitness and Yoga experts said that one should opt for Apana Vayu yoga in this case. It involves the downward and outward flow of energy from the body. Apana Vayu governs the outward flow of energy on the breath, with digestive elimination, and with menstruation. Not only does Apana Yoga helps in the elimination of physical wastes, but also mental and emotional waste—that which no longer serves us. If the amount of the oxygen one is breathing in is not in the proper amount it has a bad effect on your whole health. Therefore to get rid of this, It is one of the easiest solutions one can have to avoid the ill effects of wearing a mask.

Apana Vayu yoga

Here’s how you can do this Yoga
  • Find a quiet place and sit comfortably with your spine in a straight position
  • Extend the arms forward, palms up
  • Fold your index finger in towards the center of your palm
  • Cross your thumb over the index finger
  • Touch the tip of the thumb to the tips of the middle and ring fingers
  • keep the little finger straight
  • keep elbows straight
  • Soften or close your eyes, and practice every day with mindful, diaphragmatic breathing.

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