kids flying in China after doing this
kids flying in China after doing this

A video of China is going viral these days. In the video, one can clearly see kids flying in the air as if someone has thrown them. So let’s know what the dangerous video is all about.

If we say that these days children are flying in China then will you believe ? Obviously you won’t because somewhere it sounds senseless too. But the video what is recently making rounds will blow you mind and will make you believe this.

So let us tell you what is happening in China. Actually, several videos have been surfacing in which we can clearly see the kids dropping crackers in a manhole. And soon after they drop a big explosion occurs in the manhole throwing the children high in the sky. Now, this has gone viral on social media and people are continuously sharing it.

As per the reports in the South China Morning Post, these incidents have been taking place in Fujian as well as Anhui, along with many other countries. So what happens is that when three children dropped the live firecracker inside the manhole. Suddenly explosion occurs throws one child in the air above, while another to the ground. Well, the video is now circulating all over the Internet. And people are calling it dangerous after watching it.

Watch the video below:

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