Bride To-Be Refused To Send Nude Selfies Groom Puts The Wedding Off!


Mumbai based 33 year-old Jithendra Ramakrishna croosed all limits when he called off the wedding after his bride to-be, refused to send him nude selfies of herself.

He just could not wait, so it seems. His requests for obscene pictures  of his wife to-be, turned into a rigorous demand which the girl couldn’t get herself to agree to. Also, he shamelessly demanded for a sum of Rs.3 lakh as Dowry after his pestering met with disappointment. He also threatened the girl to cancel the wedding if his demands were not taken seriously.

The money after the nudies crossed all limits and forced the girl’s family to cancel the wedding and seek help from the police. They filed a complaint against the man and his family following which they were booked under the Dowry Prohibition Act.