Bright side of fear
Bright side of fear

Fear is a human emotion that all of us have. And there are many people who also suffer from some or the other kind of phobia. As per the modern treatment, psychologists have now come up with a different method. To treat these kinds of patients they use virtual reality to help people overcome it. However, fear doesn’t always need treatment. As there are some positive aspects of it. So let’s know what are some bright side of fears, that many of you are still unaware of.

1. Fear helps you to lose inches

So many of you don’t know that whenever you get afraid of anything, that means you are burning calories. It happens so because our pulse gains speed, and our body experiences a flow of adrenaline. Fear speeds up metabolism. A study showed that after watching a horror movie people burned up to 113 calories approximately. Well, I guess it’s good for those who love watching horror movies. As they can lose weight by doing so.

2. Fear gives a strong sense of empowerment and motivation

When you get afraid of something chemicals like serotonin also get released. Which in turn helps your brain to work much efficiently. For example, if you come across a new place you’ll be a bit scared and then focus more upon it. And your brain will start working to the maximum.

3. Fear bonds you to other people

A chemical named oxytocin is also released when we get scared of something. And it is also a hormone that is responsible for building relationships with those around you. A perfect example of this is when we hug our close ones on the couch while watching a scary movie.

4. Fear helps us quickly escape from trouble

Whenever we find ourselves in danger, we often try to escape from there as we feel quite scared. We try hard to reach our safe destination sooner. Actually, the reason is that in that situation fear forces the brain to respond immediately.

5. Fear helps us make a positive change

We all get scared after we visit the doctor and hears about their analysis of our blood sugar level or any other problem. And due to this we strictly follow the diet to make us come out of it because of fear. Without fear, this positive change might have taken too long.

6. Fear also boosts your immune system.

Although it sounds crazy but, it’s true that fear boost your immune system. As it activates the white blood cells. That helps you fight diseases and repair your body. The more white blood cells you have, the stronger your immune system gets.

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