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Trending Brilliant Office Hacks To Make A Hectic Day An Easier One

Brilliant Office Hacks To Make A Hectic Day An Easier One

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One of the most things while working at an office is staying orgnanised and managing time which we overlook most of the time. Fortunately, however there are many ingenuine ways to reorganise your desk at work for better productivity and for a cooler place to work at.. Check it Out!

1. Bind those cords  Arrange the cords around your desk using binder clips. Attach the clips to your desk and insert the cord end through the loop structure of the clip.


2. Smartphone stand  Create a smartphone stand by using an inverted old cassette case.


3. Keep Yourself Hydrated  Stay hydrated at work by labelling the water bottle with hours and drinking calculations using a masking tape.


4. Shoe Box Storage  Pin together shoe boxes with clips to store light books and papers. If you prefer to be more decorative, cover the shoe boxes in shelf lining or wrapping paper.


5. Drawer Dividers Use small boxes or cut cereal boxes and decorate them with lining tape to create cool desk drawer dividers to hold and store stuff.


6. Clean The Headphone Jack  Use an unfolded paper clip and a piece of tape to clean the headphone jack of your phone.


7. Clean Your Keyboard with Sticky Notes  Use the glued side of sticky notes to clean off the dust stuck in between the keys of your keyboard.


8. Another use of Binder Clip  Keep your headphone cord from tangling by using a binder clip.


Also, you can use toilet paper rolls inside desk drawer to keep cords sorted.


9. Label your cords  Use bread ties to label your cords by inserting the cord through the loop and label the bread tie using a marker or sharpie.


10. Make Great Coasters for coffee Mugs  Use old CDs or DVDs as great coasters to avoid stains of coffee on your desk or avoid even spilling. You can also decorate them using washi tape.


Washi tape can be used anywhere you can also decorate your keyboard with it and even cover up the back of your phone.

officehack-keyboardwashitape officehack-phonecover

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