News World Britain's Secret Plan For World War 3 Revealed

Britain’s Secret Plan For World War 3 Revealed

World war 3 would be devastating to the humanity as most dangerous weapon, Nuclear, will be used. World War 3 or Nuclear War, both can be used on each others’ place. As all most all the major countries are ready, so the question now arises, how Russia would react?

A worldwide nuclear conflict has been threatening to broke out between major countries but despite warnings, a mass casualty strike has never come to pass in modern time.

The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan – which killed more than 225,000 people – are the only example. But as North Korea is on the brink of nuclear war, the threat has not gone away yet.

Britain's Secret Plan For World War 3 Revealed

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The revelation of Britain’s plan for nuclear war has been done by Emil Dall, nuclear weapons researcher at the Royal United Services Institute.

Speaking to the Vice, he explained what would happen in minutes and hours after a nuclear war attack takes place.

Although nuke attack is not very likely to happen but if does take place then Russia pose biggest threat to UK as “we have seen tensions escalate in recent years”.

Here are the nuclear targets Vladimir Putin could strike in World War 3:

Britain's Secret Plan For World War 3 Revealed
Image Source: Daily Star

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Despite Britain’s Trident submarines, he said “it’s difficult to repel” a “large-scale nuclear attack”. Yet he admitted NATO will “have defences in place against any nuclear attacks”.

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