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BRITISH Words That Absolutely Mean Different In The United States!

Surprisingly, There are some British words that have a completely different meaning in the United States. A British Receptionist, Ryan Lovett gave us a Crash Course in some of the most Notable Distinction.



  • BOGbritain_us_bog

  • RUBBERbritain_us_rubber

  • TROLLEYbritain_us_trolley

  • CHIPSbritain_us_chips

  • BISCUITbritain_us_biscuit

  • SHAGbritain_us_shag

  • LIFTbritain_us_liftjpg

  • FOOTBALLbritain_us_football

  • HOOKERbritain_us_hooker

  • VESTbritain_us_vest

  • TRAINERbritain_us-trainer2

  • BRACESbritain_us_braces

  • BIRDbritain_us_bird

  • COACHbritain_us_coach

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