By Giving Her Own Clothes On Rent, This Girl Earned Millions Of Rupees!

Brittany McQuade

Whether to go to a party or in a function, the first thing a person thinks about is a new dress. Now who wants to wear a function dress to another party? Brittany McQuade, a resident of Melbourne, Australia, also understands this mentality of women very well. In such a situation, she made it her business and from the age of 20, she started renting her dresses online. The interesting thing is that she has earned lakhs of rupees from this unique business and has also bought a house for herself.

When Brittany McQuade Started Renting Her Clothes

Brittany McQuade

Brittany McQuade started renting her dresses online from the year 2017. Talking to, he told that he had many such dresses, which she wore only once. In such a situation, Britney first put it for rent.

The market for renting dresses is huge, as no one wants to spend Rs 5000 on a single dress. In such a situation, Britney started giving her clothes for rent on the second hand selling site.

Brittany McQuade

Earned 70 Lakh Rupees

Britney used to get at least 1100 rupees for a dress from such a site. According to the report of The Sun, Britney says that she gets double the money back from this. Within the last four years, she has earned 70 lakh rupees from her side business.

She is running an account called brittany mcquade on Instagram, Brittany has about 20 thousand followers, who see and like her dresses. She has bought his 2 bedroom townhouse at the age of 24 from this same business. She has given a deposit of Rs 36 lakhs, while her house is worth 3.5 crores.

Brittany McQuade

She started her dress rental business with 25 clothes. Now she has a total of 300 such dresses, which she gives on rent and earns lakhs of rupees from it. Their price ranges from Rs 1100 to Rs 2200.

Britney’s fashion test is good, so she shows off her clothes to people on Instagram and also takes feedback from them. If people like it, then they take it in different sizes and pick it up on rent.