Browns Become The Latest Obsession For Every Celeb: Why Don’t You Also Try Out


Fashion is something that keeps on changing from time to time. After a couple of months, we always experience the trends changing, whether it’s about clothing, footwear, or accessories. Well, it’s not just about it, but also there comes a wave of fashion when we see most of the people picking up the same colors. This means that those clours are likely in trend.

The trend of wearing a specific color comes usually when we see famous celebs wearing them. Soon after people notice most of the celebs carrying them many of the fans start following it and hence it becomes a trend. So here is the color that we have shared for you. And this one these days is quite a trend.

From the family of Brown the colors like Tan, beige, brown, ochre or camel are quite in and one of the hottest colors these days. So let us tell that from Hollywood to Bollywood these dirty browns have become the favorite of them all. Therefore you also follow them and don’t forget to add them to your wardrobe.

Now lets check out the celebs who were recently spotted in browns

Deepika Padukone was recently spotted at the airport, wearing comfortable attire in shades of brown. The actress was seen in a matching beige shirt and pants and an oversized silhouette in brown. Moreover, she paired it up with chocolate brown shoes which were adding a classy look.

Now guess who else was spotted in brown. Well, it’s none other than Kylie Jenner who is a fashion icon and always goes with the trend. In her latest post on Instagram, she and her daughter were seen supporting a brown jacket.

The next in the list is Kim Kardashian, who is making most out the shades of brown. And her wardrobe is the proof of it.

Coming to Bollywood let’s talk about Tara Saturia, who looked hot as hell after she posted one of her pictures from her vacation. And we feel that she’s also following the latest trend. As the actor was seen in the brown printed monokini. 

Colour that is recently trending

And now the one is Bollywood’s Badshah Shahrukh’s Khan daughter Suhana Khan, who never misses a chance when it comes to picking up the latest trend. She, too, tried two different shades of brown and showed us how to look perfect.

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