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Videos Brutally Honest Indian Diwali By AIB Bloopers Is A Must Watch

Brutally Honest Indian Diwali By AIB Bloopers Is A Must Watch

Diwali in India is many things. A Festival of lights, A celebration of good over evil and yes much more. But how much do we really practice any of it while we celebrate Diwali? Diwali as a festival of postivity, prosperity, love and warmth exists but only in WhatsApp messages as wishes or Facebook status updates, virtually as we can call it. What about reality? Diwali is all about Air and Noise Pollution, many kids and elders falling prey to Asthma, Sales for shopping in the markets, and the lamest reasons to send gifts to relatives. This video about brutally honest indian diwali by AIB Bloopers is a must watch.

Par Jab Diwali ho Aisi, Toh Ismein Shayad Kuch Badal Dena Chahiye! Don’t you agree?

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