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High Life BSF Sends 3 Pakistani Boys Back Home Who Crossed The Indian Border...

BSF Sends 3 Pakistani Boys Back Home Who Crossed The Indian Border Mistakenly

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We all are no strangers to the India-Pakistan Border rivalry, the border is the thing whose stories which we all have heard numerous times. Those intensifying stories only helped to increase the hatred between the nations but here we do have a sweet story about the border which may help in increasing the friendship between the countries.

BSF sends 3 Pakistani lost boys home

Recently, three Pakistani boys lost their way accidentally and entered the Indian border, as first they were apprehended by the BSF Jawans but were safely sent back to their country with lots of love, sweets, and gifts.

BSF sends 3 Pakistani boys

The names of those boys are Aamir (15), Nomin Ali (14) and Arshad (12) respectively and the trio had lost the way to their relative’s house when they entered the Indian boundary mistakenly. Thankfully, BSF realized that they are no danger to the country, therefore, they decided to treat them well and them back home.

Aamir - The Pakistani boy whom BSF sent back home

“The soldiers, who caught us for crossing over, fed us well and took care of us. I want my government to treat Indians the same way we were taken care of” said one of the boys, Amir, the boy who was touched most by the BSF’s kindness.

CP Meena, A BSF Official

“They (Pak nationals) had no wrong intentions. We gifted them chocolates to remember their stay here”, said BSF Official, CP Meena.

Moreover, the BSF had also informed the Pakistani officials when the trio was released to go home and the Indian authorities were also instructed to let the boys go safely.

If such stories would have existed more then the rivalry between the countries would have ended, wouldn’t it?

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