Jallikattu- is a cattle/ bulltaming sport played in Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal celebration. It is held in the villages of Tamil Nadu as a part of the village festival. The festivals are held from January to July, every year.

Jallikattu is in news because the Supreme Court today suspended the Centre’s notification lifting the ban on jallikattu.It was last week when center had lifted the ban on Jallikattu. The Animal Welfare Board, People for Ethical Treatment of Aminals, or PETA, and 11 other organisations challenged the Centre’s notification.

See these photos to know more about Jallikattu


Animal rights organisations say there is clear evidence of how the animals are assaulted, intoxicated and subjected to other forms of cruelty.


Lime juice is squeezed into their eyes and chilli powder is rubbed on their genitals to make them ferocious.


In just four years, from 2010 to 2014, approximately 1,100 injuries to humans were reported by the media as a result of cruel and dangerous jallikattu-type events and 17 people died, including a child.


During races, bulls are often hit with nail-studded sticks and pushed beyond the point of exhaustion.

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