Burhan Bhat A 3-Year-Old Kashmiri Boy Becomes The Next Aylan Kurdi

Humanity is clearly dead! Be it Syria, Kashmir or Peshawar when a little soul succumbs to Terror, humanity dies. Burhan Bhat, a 3-year-old Kashmiri Boy becomes the next Aylan Kurdi- the kurdish boy from syria who drowned in the mediterranean sea and the images of Aylan’s death brought a wave of grief and sorrow to the world.

Sopore: File Photo of 3-year-old Burhan who was shot dead along with his father(former militant) by militants,at His Residence in Sopore area of north Kashmir on Saturday. PTI Photo by Umar Ganie
3-year-old Burhan who was shot dead along with his father(former militant) by militants in Sopore. Source: Google

Burhan too was just a normal boy who probably had a long life ahead of him. However, he faced such an evil at such young age when all he knew was about toys and sweets. Burhan was killed by militants in Kashmir in an inhuman act that was just evil in all sense.


Burhan was right outside his house with his father, a former militant and they both were attacked by armed men who snatched away poor Burhan’s and his father’s life after rounds of bullets were fired at them. Burhan succumbed to his gunshot wounds a day later in the hospital while his father died on the way to the hospital.


Burhan was carried amidst shrieks of grief and pain and sobs and cries to be laid to rest right next to his father at the martyrs’ graveyard  in their home town Sopore in north Kashmir.


Burhan’s death has left the valley in mourning. No war and no cause allows children to be killed and stolen of their lives and hope of a future.

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