Cancer is one of the most deadliest diseases. What makes it worse is that a foolproof cure for all types cancer is still not found.

On this World cancer day, we need bust these 5 myths that surround the disease

world cancer day

  1. Cancer means death.

No it does not . If detected and diagnosed at earlier stage.

2. Cancer is painful from the start.

Most cancers are present in the body as painless lumps or in the form of ulcers. One needs to be careful about formation of any such new formations of lumps.

3. Cancer is not contagious.

Cancer does not spread from another one person to another by touch or contact.

4. Cancer is better treated by alternative medicine.

No alternative medicine has been proved effective in  treating cancer till date.

5. Cancer mutilates body.

Organ preservation with functional rehabilitation is possible for cancer.

Inputs from : Indiatoday

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