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Infotainment By 2030 Human Death Toll Will Increase By 2.5 Million Annually, Explore...

By 2030 Human Death Toll Will Increase By 2.5 Million Annually, Explore It Here

Terrible Climate Change in the world gets exposed . It is estimated that during the years 2030 to 2050 death toll of human race will increase from 2.5 million annually.

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Here’s how Climate Change is becoming a cause of death for the world?


Chronic kidney disease

chronickidneydisease 1

How are Things ?: The whole world is struggling from Global Warming and India is the biggest victim. Dehydration due to heat is rising, example of heat scorched state is Andhra Pradesh , Tamil Nadu, Orissa , Goa and Maharashtra. 

Did you know ?: 2.2 to 2.75 million patients every year in India require kidney replacement .


Malaria and ZIKA


How are Things ?: Mosquitoes outbreak in the world is rising due to increasing temperatures. Temperature between 16 and 38 ° C counts for highest risk of spreading diseases. Changes in the level of, not only summer but also rain has bought increase in mosquito breeding. 

Did you know?: Currently 3.2 billion people, nearly half the world is at risk of malaria. In 2015, 21.4 million new cases of malaria will rise.



How are Things ?: Diarrhea deaths in the world has increased due to climate change, the figures are expected to increase to 48 thousand. Children under 5 years of age in developing countries will see the greatest impact. The increase in temperature and decrease in rainfall has resulted in higher spread of diarrhea. 

Did you know ?: In year 2100, the temperature will be  2.1 degrees Celsius higher than today. As a result 2.2 million patient of diarrhea will increase.




How are things ?: Increasing temperatures and fluctuating rains have declined grain production. As a result growing malnutrition leads to 3.1 million deaths each year. 

Did You Know ?: 45 % of deaths is children is caused by malnutrition .


Respiratory disease


How are Things ?: Increasing temperature is leading to depletion of ozone and its contamination . This is resulting in higher human respiratory diseases like asthma. About 30 million people in the world are suffering from respiratory diseases. 

Did you know ?: Worldwide each year air pollutants in the home results around 3.7 million to 4.3 million deaths due to pollution.


Mental illnesses


How are Things ?: High temperatures causing climate change that is having direct impact on world  like hurricanes, floods , drought. This causes the common people mental illness, anxiety, stress, depression and drugs are becoming victims. 

Did you know ?: Depression is the fourth largest disease affecting people. By 2020, depression will be the second disease. 

Heart disease


How are Things ?: Direct cold and heat affects directly to human heart. Also, due to contaminants in the air, the risk of heart disease have increased. Most deaths worldwide are caused by heart disease.

 Did you know ?: Total share of two-thirds death of the world’s is stroke, heart disease, cancer and respiratory diseases,. These deaths are caused by unsafe and polluted environment. 

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