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Goosebumps: This Actress Gets Possessed by a Spirit While Doing a Horror Film, Attacks Cast And Crew

Dou you believe that Ghosts exists? If not then read this news attentively. This shocking incident happened in Cambodia during a shoot of a horror film. It is said that shooting for horror films creates negative energy that results in people experiencing paranormal activities. And this what happened with this actress which will send shivers down your spine. While shooting for a horror film in which she was playing the role of a ghost, a Cambodian actress allegedly got possessed by a spirit and attacked a fellow co-star.

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If you are thinking it is fake then let us know, it’s all true! A video was taken from the scary scenario by one of the crew members. The video of the incident has been going viral on the internet. In the video, the cast and the crew members are reportedly trying to the talk to the spirit to leave the actress’ body.

Watch this scary video that can give you goosebumps here:


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