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High Life Can Having Sex With Your Partner During Quarantine Gives You Coronavirus?

Can Having Sex With Your Partner During Quarantine Gives You Coronavirus?

Going no-where, no road trip or not meeting with your friends, this is what we all are doing right now. Watching movies, Netflix and Chill this is all that comes in the mind during this. But wait, we know your curiosity and the question that is coming in your mind right now… Let’s talk about it right now.

Can Having Sex With Your During Quarantine Partner Gives You Coronavirus?

The doctor’s answer is- YES! you can contract the Coronavirus by having sex.

According to the medical recommendation, maintain social distancing, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth and washing your hands frequently can limit the spread. But there is no proof that this can be transferred by sex. Actually the sex isn’t what’s spreading the virus but the closeness between bodies.

By having Kiss?

sex during coronavirus is safe or npt

WHO says that “Modes of transmission of the COVID-19 virus are respiratory droplets”. So t is clear that if your partner is carrying the virus, they can transfer it to you by kissing.

By Oral Sex?

sex during coronavirus is safe or npt

If we talk about the transmission of coronavirus, oral or penetrative vaginal sex is unlikely to raise a significant risk of transmission. But the closeness or proximity between you and your partner can be a threat. Both can transmit the virus while sharing the same airspace.

Precautions to be taken

If your partner and you don’t have any symptoms of the virus, you can do it. But keep in mind washing up before and after sex. Take your own safety measures and have a good time together. If you or your partner is not feeling well staying away is the best option.

Meanwhile, stay safe!

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