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News Can 'Hindi-Cheeni' really become bhai-bhai after the Jinping and Modi's talk?

Can ‘Hindi-Cheeni’ really become bhai-bhai after the Jinping and Modi’s talk?

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After the informal summit which took place recently, the first ever question which pops up in every mind is that ‘Is the saying suggesting Hindi and Cheeni Bhai bhai’ i.e Indian and Chinese are brothers really true? The meet between Our Prime Minister Mr. Modi and China’s President Xi Jinping at Mahabalipuram will surely have some motives to be fulfilled.

Know the motives!

The motive of India and PM Modi is quite prominent. As per the recent steps and loaded actions, India seems to scream against terrorism primarily. The same could be seen in the summit. The motive of the five hour long talk was terrorism, trade and border regulations.

Is it a green flag for India?

Whether it is a green flag for India from the side of China or not is still a mystery. China’s diplomacy doesn’t urges us to believe in the fact that ties from this side can be strengthened. China seeming as a twin to Pakistan in terms of rivalry shall create any benefits for India or not is still unknown.

Tweet by Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar

Why Mahabalipuram was the chosen spot?

The India media literally covered this informal summit throughout since beginning till the end. It came into the limelight that the spot Mahabalipuram or Mamllapuram was chosen because of the ancient history with the place. The spot is few kilometers away from Chennai. Narasimhavarman I, the Pallava Dynasty king developed the place as the major spot to carry out trade relations with other countries including China. Also, Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang came to the spot to educate people and teach them various aspects of life.

Well, after this meet, the place has again given some historical memories to be remembered in future. If this meet creates major changes, then surely this informal summit shall take place in the pages of history to be read by our future generations.

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