Can You Imagine Your Favorite Stars As Cartoons? If Not, Then Look At These Photos To Laugh Out Really Loud!


We have your favourite stars’ caricatures to make your day! You might have never imagined your favorite bollywood stars as cartoons. For sure, these photos shall leave a subtle smile or make you laugh out really loud. And if you feel joy after looking at these cartoons, our goal is achieved!

This is the cutest of all! Babu Rao depicted in the best way possible! I could just think of ‘Khopdi Tod Sale ka’ after looking at this picture. Paresh Rawal will love it!
King Khan, Our beloved SRK is the wittiest of all but here he seems like a retard! I wonder why is he resembling with a monkey? Cute though!
Without a doubt, this caricature is of Bebo! Red cheeks and raised eyebrows! I guess this is the look she gives to Saifu while asking him to go out for a dinner date!
Look at the eyes of Hritik Roshan! This is so cute. The best part of this cartoon is the depiction of Muscles! (P.S- the under arms too! Eww!) I
Shehanshah of Bollywood , Amitabh Bachhan might have never asked for a chumma in this way!
This is the funniest of all! A potato face and loads of gold jwellery! We need not guess this caricature. He is none other than our ‘Bappi Lehri’.
Nick Jonas might kill us after looking at this picture! His wife Priyanka Chopra looks hilarious in her bikini attire here!
Meet Rajnikant! As usual, he has got some real swag!
And here we have our Mr. Dabangg Salman Khan! Handsome I must say! (P.s- He has got chhed (hole) in his ears thankfully! We would not like to see the holes somewhere else!)
Meet the lazy and sleepy version of Ranbir Kapoor! He must be dreaming of Alia I guess!
Okay! And now I am scared! I can not think of forgetting our Mr. Perfectionist as Sachin in Gajni! Amir Khan must will not leave us after watching this cartoon!
We all have loved Sanjay Dutt as Munna Bhai! No doubt in it! I badly want a jadoo ki jhappi now!
Farhan Akhtar will die after watching this! Look at the face! This is funny though!
I wonder why is Shahid carrying a milk bottle? Maybe because he is a dotting daddy now! Lol
I don’t wish to say anything apart from wishing Ajay Devgan ‘Har Har Mahadev’! Why to waste words when he never speaks! I would rather rant in front of her chatterpox wife Kajol! Lol